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Crankshaft Reconditioning Equipment
Please contact us for tooling lists and accessories for any crankshaft grinder in stock.


Winona CG-280 Grinder

80" capacity. To be checked out and we hope to sell in grinding condition.

Price: $ 32,000.00


Winona CG-250 Grinder

60" capacity. To be checked out. Stock #

Price: $ 29,500.00


Scledum RG-270 Grinder

74" capacity. Appears to be in good condition. To be checked out and sold in grinding condition. Stock #7051

Price: $ 22,500.00

SV 15C

Storm Vulcan 15C Crankgrinder

72" capacity. Good condition machine that grinds a good shaft. On centers and includes mounted polisher and support tooling. Stock #7198

Price: $ 13,500.00

SV 15A

Storm-Vulcan #15A Grinder

60" capacity. This machine was grinding cranks when we picked it up. ON CHUCKS WITH MOUNTED POLISHER. We hope to check out, clean up, and selling good condition.

Price: $ 9,500.00

SV 15A

Storm-Vulcan #15A Grinder

60" capacity machine on centers. Good condition. Includes tooling. Stock #6988

Price: $ 7,500.00

VN 475TA

Van Norman #475TA Grinder

60" capacity. Good condition machine that includes support tooling. Please call for additional photos and information. Stock #7219

Price: $ 7,500.00

SV 15

Storm-Vulcan #15 Grinder

48" capacity. On centers. Hope to cleanup, run out, and sell in working condition. Includes mounted polisher and tooling. Stock #6619

Price: $ 6,500.00

Gleason M-1

Gleason #M-1 Crankshaft Welder

72" capacity machine in good working condition. Stock #7150

Price: $ 7,950.00

CG Hubs

Crankshaft Grinder Wheel Hubs

Storm #15 - $325.00, Storm #15A - $375.00, Storm #15C - $395.00, Storm 1165/1133 - $395.00, Scledum RG-230 - $425.00, Scledum RG-270 - $425.00, Berco 8" hole - $425.00, Berco 12" hole (small taper) - $500.00, Van Norman 475,477, & 467 - $450.00, Van norman 111 - $550.00, Schou #2000 - $500.00

Price: Call

Grinding Wheels

Crankshaft Grinding Wheels

Call for prices and sizes of NEW crankshaft grinding wheels in stock. 30% off new jobber prices

Price: Call

SV polisher

Storm-Vulcan Crankshaft Polisher

68" length capacity! Kotafin polisher on a welder base. Heavy built machine! Stock #6937

Price: $ 4,250.00


Kwik-Way #MPI-259 Crack Detector

16" coil and 90" length capacity. Good condition machine with hood. Stock #6987

Price: $ 5,950.00

Handheld Crankshaft Polisher

NEW! Will accept a 60" to 72" polishing belt. Special price!

Price: $ 780.00

111 CW

Van Norman #111 Counterweights

Fits Van Norman #111 crankshaft grinder. Good condition.

Price: $ 1,500.00


Berco 225/260/270 Wheel Hubs

Good condition wheelhubs (no grinding rock) for Berco 225, 260, & 270 grinders. Stock #4640

Price: $ 475.00

111 Hubs

Van Norman 111 Hubs & Wheels

Fits Van Norman 111 grinders. Good condition hubs. Price listed is per hub.

Price: $ 475.00

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