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Cylinder Boring Machines & Bars

Cylinder Boring Machines & Bars


Let us help you with your cylinder boring needs! Large or small, air float or portable, good condition or rebuilt!!!

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Rottler F2B Air Float System18-Dec-2016

2.875" to 6.0" capacity. To be rebuilt. Manual style V-8 cradle and standard tooling.Stock #7581


Rottler F2B Air Float System

$ 14,500.00

Rottler F2B Air Float16-Dec-2016

 2.875" to 5.0" capacity. Working condition machine that includes manual V-8 cradle. Stock #Con


$ 8,000.00 


Kwik-Way #FL/AC EBF Air Float14-Dec-2016

3.18" to 5.25" capacity. Air centering #FL boring bar, air floating clamp, and #EBF boring stand. To be checked out and sold in good condition. Stock #8018.


$ 8,000.00 



Kwik-Way FN-AC/048 Air Float System10-Dec-2016

2.95" to 4.48" capacity. Air centering bar with air floating clamp and tooling. Bar and table in good working condition Stock #6258


Kwik-Way FN-AC/048 Air Float System

$ 6,950.00  

Kwik-Way #FL Boring Bar - NEW08-Dec-2016

 New Kwik-Way #FL portable boring bar with tooling. 3.0" to 6.75" capacity. Steel shipping crate included. Stock #8121


$ 13,500.00 



Kwik-Way #FL Boring Bar06-Dec-2016

3.0" to 6.75" capacity. Rebuilt.  Includes standard tooling. Stock #7654



$ 8,450.00

Kwik-Way #FN Boring Bar28-Nov-2016

2.6" to 5.3" capacity. Rebuilt and includes standard tooling. Stock #7899


$ 6,950.00

NEW Kwik-Way #FN Boring Bar28-Nov-2016

2.6" to 5.3" capacity. NEW boring bar that includes standard tooling. Stock #7857


$ 11,500.00 


Kwik-Way #FN Overbore Kit26-Nov-2016

Extends the boring diameter of your FN bar to 6.125". A-1 condition. Stock #6696.


Kwik-Way #FN Overbore Kit

$ 1,350.00

Kwik-Way FW-VW Boring Bar20-Nov-2016

2.2" to 4.4" capacity. Column is 6" longer than a standard FW bar. To be rebuilt. Stock #7402

$ 6,750.00



Kwik-Way #1291 Boring Stand16-Nov-2016

 Adjustable screw style. Reconditioned. Stock #7679

$ 1,950.00 


Kwik-Way Triangle Boring Stand12-Nov-2016

 Repainted and includes new bottle jack. Stock #7661

$ 1,450.00



Rottler 100-28 Small Engine Bore Stand10-Nov-2016

 To be reconditioned. Stock #7971

$ 1,650.00