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Let us help you with your cylinder boring needs! Large or small, air float or portable, good condition or rebuilt!!!


AMC #CM-2500 Boring/Milling Machine

Good condition machine that includes 5 boring spindles(1.8" to 10.25" boring capacity) and a 16" milling head.Stock #Con.

Price: $ 59,900.00

Rottler F24B

Rottler F24B Air Float

2.875" to 6.0" capacity. Large base bar with manual V-8 cradle and standard tooling. To be rebuilt. Stock #7022

Price: $ 14,950.00


Rottler F2B Air Float System

2.875" to 6.0" capacity. Rebuilt, including new column and base remachined. Manual style V-8 cradle and standard tooling.Stock #6614

Price: $ 13,000.00


Kwik-Way FL/AC EBF Boring System

Rebuilt. 3.18" to 5.25" capacity. Includes FL air centering bar, air floating clamp, and EBF stand.  Stock #4834

Price: $ 9,500.00


Kwik-Way FL/EBF Air Float System

3.0" to 6.75" capacity. Manual centering bar and EBF boring stand. Includes tooling. All rebuilt. Stock #5595

Price: $ 9,950.00

FN AC/048

Kwik-Way FN-AC/048 Air Float System

2.95" to 4.48" capacity. Both bar and stand appear to be in good condition. To be checked out. Stock #6258

Price: $ 8,950.00

KW FN-054

Kwik-Way FN Boring Bar & 054 Stand

2.6" to 5.3" capacity. Both bar and stand have been rebuilt and includes block dolly. Stock #6896

Price: $ 8,950.00


Berco ACP-151 Air Float System

2.8" to 6.0" capacity. Working condition bar that includes tooling and V-8 cradle. Stock #6364

Price: $ 5,500.00


Kwik-Way #FL Boring Bar

3.5" to 7.5" capacity. Government surplus bar that shows very little use. Bores a good cylinder. Includes tooling. Stock #6644

Price: $ 10,500.00


Kwik-Way #FL-L Boring Bar

3.0" to 6.75" capacity with a 32" boring depth! Good condition with tooling. Stock #5953

Price: $ 10,500.00


Kwik-Way #FL Boring Bar

3.0" to 6.75" capacity. To be rebuilt and includes standard tooling. Stock #7143

Price: $ 8,450.00

Kwik-Way FN

Kwik-Way # FN Boring Bar

2.6" to 5.3" capacity. To be rebuilt. Standard tooling included. Stock #6896

Price: $ 6,750.00


Kwik-Way #FN Boring Bar

Good condition bar that includes standard tooling. Previous owner repainted and this bar checked out great. Stock #7105

Price: $ 5,950.00

Kwik-Way #FW Boring Bar

2.2" to 4.4" capacity. TO be rebuilt and includes standard tooling. Stock #7142

Price: $ 5,950.00

Kwik-Way FWS Boring Bar

1.75" to 3.75" capacity. To be rebuilt and includes standard tooling. Stock #7146

Price: $ 5,250.00

KW 054

Kwik-Way 054 Boring Stand

Rebuilt. Later style boring stand with air bag lift. Stock #6691

Price: $ 3,250.00


Peterson #EBS-90 Boring Stand

Reconditioned. Stock #6703

Price: $ 2,750.00

Winona 770

Winona #770 Small Boring Stand

Repainted. Mounts to the floor or a base. Stock #6534

Price: $ 950.00

Kwik-Way Triangle Boring Stand

Older style stand that has been repainted and includes bottle jack. Stock #7147

Price: $ 950.00

KW FL Over

Kwik-Way FL Overbore Kit

Good condition. Extends your Kwik-Way #FL boring bar to bore up to 9" capacity.

Price: $ 1,650.00

FN overbore

Kwik-Way #FN Overbore Kit

Extends the boring diameter of your FN bar to 6.125". A-1 condition. Stock #6696

Price: $ 1,450.00


Angle Boring Fixture

Adapts your portable boring bar to bore 348 and 409 blocks. Reconditioned.

Price: $ 450.00

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