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Sam Farris - Don Stone  
Farris Equipment Sales  
3001 Interstate 27  
Lubbock, TX 79404  


Head & Block Surfacers/Mills/Grinders
CBN style, broaches, dry & wet rock surfacers, or dry & wet belt type. Contact us for the one that you need!!


Winona SM-100 Surfacer

Good condition. Includes CBN and wet grinding capabilities, along with standard tooling. Capacity is 13" wide X 37" length X 20" tall. Stock #7166

Price: $ 14,500.00


DCM HB-3800 Surfacer

Good condition machine with a 14" CBN bar and 38" length capacity. Stock #7151

Price: $ 14,000.00


Scledum #RT-7Y Surfacer

 Being rebuilt and includes 14" CBN cutter wheel. 55" length capacity. Stock #7054

Price: $ 22,000.00

SV 85B

Storm-Vulcan 85B Head/Block Mill

To be rebuilt and will include new variable speed controls, table remachined, and standard tooling. Stock #6721

Price: $ 9,950.00

SV 85B

Storm-Vulcan 85B Head/Block Mill

Good condition machine with tooling and resharpened cutter wheel. Stock #6435

Price: $ 5,950.00

Pet 50

Peterson 50 Dry Rock Surfacer

Reconditioned and repainted gray. Includes stone dresser. Stock #6894

Price: $ 3,250.00

Peterson 72

Peterson #72 Dry Rock Surfacer

3 phase machine with 72" long table. Working condition. Stock #6976

Price: $ 2,500.00

MT Belt

Mastertool Belt Surfacer

In fair to good condition with .004 variance in table. Looks good and it will work well for manifolds. Surfacing area is 10" X 34". 220 single phase power. Stock #7107

Price: $ 2,200.00


NEW CBN Toolholder

For 1/2" CBN buttons.

Price: $ 195.00

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