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Sunnen CH-100 Line Hone package22-May-2018

Good condition green #CH-100 line hone with nice condition #10RY-2400 and #10RY-2700 honing mandrels (for 2.4” to 3.0” capacity). Stock #8051



$ 13,500.00...FIRM 


Sunnen CH-100 Line Hone Package01-Sep-2017

Sunnen #CH-100 line hone, rebuilt, with #10RY-2400 & #10RY-2700 Honing Units for 2.4” to 3.0” honing capacity. New stones and new shoes included with each honing unit. #CH-36 mandrel rack also included. Stock. #7906.

SOLD but we are trying to purchase another one. Please call to get put on our Want List.



$ 14,900.00 





Sunnen CV-616 Automatic Cylinder Hone30-Aug-2017

REBUILT Sunnen CV-616 Cylinder Honing Machine Only. NO HONING HEAD included. You can purchase the new hone head of your choice, diamond or stone. Machine only


$ 23,500.00 




Sunnen CV-616 Cylinder Hone29-Aug-2017

 Good condition Sunnen CV-616 cylinder hone that includes CK-3000 hone head, CK-3155A setting gauge, CK-3355A stone inserter/remover, along with shims and basic tooling. Stock #8144


$ 18,500.00 



LBB-1699 Rod Shop28-Aug-2017

Shop includes 1699 hone, AG-300 gauge, LBN-62 mandrel set (1.75" to 2.9" capacity), LBN 64 mandrel set (.744" to 1.25" capacity), CRG-750 cap/rod grinder with #780 clamp, rod vise, & CRG-600 cabinet. All to be rebuilt and repainted white. Stock #8023

SOLD but we are trying to purchase another one. Please call to get put on our Want List.



$ 9,950.00

LBB-1810 Power Stroked Hone24-Aug-2017

To be rebuilt and repainted white. Includes CRF-500 ring set. Priced as an individual unit, but we can assemble a complete rod shop if you need it! Stock #7364


LBB-1810 Power Stroked Hone 

$ 7,500.00

LBB-1810 Power Stroke Hone22-Aug-2017

Includes 1810 hone (red) with AG-300 gauge and CRF-500 honing ring set. Stock #7518

$ 6,000.00  


LBB-1699 Rod Hone20-Aug-2017

 Machine only. To be rebuilt and repainted white. Stock #8023A


$ 4,950.00 


Sunnen LBB-1499 Rod Hone19-Aug-2017

 Sunnen LBB-1499 rod hone. Rebuilt, machine only. Stock #7684


$ 3,250.00 


LBB-1499 Rod Hone17-Aug-2017

 Good condition LBB-1499 rod hone. Machine only. Stock #7923


$ 2,500.00 


MBB-1650 Rod Hone12-Aug-2017

Gray machine with seperate outside filtration cabinet. Good condition. Stock #6033


MBB-1650 Rod Hone 

$ 3,250.00

Winona RPH Rod Hone08-Aug-2017

 Working condition machine that includes Federal measuring gauge. Stock #7398

$ 1,450.00



LBA Rod Hone & Bench06-Aug-2017

Good condition rod hone with bench. Stock #5478


LBA Rod Hone & Bench 

$ 1,350.00

AG-300 Precision Gauge02-Aug-2017

Reconditioned, with short fingers. Stock #6088


AG-300 Precision Gauge 

$ 1,350.00

CRG-750 Cap/Rod Grinder29-Jul-2017

To be rebuilt and repainted Sunnen white. . Stock #6981



$ 1,950.00

Winona 802 25 Ton Press17-Jul-2017

 Includes tooling. Rebuilt. Stock #7848


$ 2,750.00 


12 Ton Bench Press16-Jul-2017

 Nice condition with air foot pump. Stock #8027

$ 1,500.00 


CH-36 Mandrel Rack13-Jul-2017

Repainted black. Stock #4303


CH-36 Mandrel Rack

 $ 650.00

K.O. Lee Rod Aligner11-Jul-2017

 Heavy built unit in good condition. Stock #7705

$ 550.00 


TN-111 Rod Aligner24-May-2015

Reconditioned and repainted white. Stock #7784



$ 575.00

Sunnen Y104-6562PH Rod Mandrel03-Jan-2015

Very large mandrel in good condition with a capacity of 6.552" to 6.687". Stock #7385

$ 1,695.00



#10RY-4500 Line Hone Unit13-Dec-2014

4.5 to 5.0" capacity. Good condition 10 stone mandrel. Stock #4408


#10RY-4500 Line Hone Unit 

$ 1,450.00

#15RY-4500 Line Hone Unit13-Dec-2014

4.5' to 5.0" capacity. Good condition. Stock #3926


#15RY-4500 Line Hone Unit 

$ 2,450.00

15RY-4000 Line Hone Unit13-Dec-2014

4.0" to 4.5" capacity. Good condition and will include new shoes and stones. Stock #7592


$ 2,450.00



15RY-3500 Line Honing Unit12-Dec-2014

 Good condition Sunnen 15RY-3500 line honing unit (3.5" to 4.0" capacity). Includes new stones and shoes. Stock #8103.


$ 2,750.00