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Sunnen Equipment
Honing Machines & Accessories


CH-100 Line Hone Package

Rebuilt and repainted Sunnen white. Includes 10RY-2400 and 10RY-2700 honing units (with new shoes and stones). Stock #7139

Price: $ 12,900.00


CH-100 Line Hone Package

Good condition red machine that includes a 10RY-2400 and a 10RY-2700 honing units. Stock #7136

Price: $ 9,950.00


CHV-31 Cylinder/Line Hone Combo

Combination cylinder hone/line hone machine in good condition. Includes friction feed head for cylinders. Stock #6568

Price: $ 5,250.00

LBB-1699 shop

LBB-1699 Rod Shop

Shop includes 1699 hone, AG-300 gauge, LBN-62 mandrel set (1.9" to 2.9" capacity), LBN-64 mandrel set (.744" to 1.25") and CRG-750 cap/rod grinder with later 780 clamp, & CRG-600 cabinet.  All rebuilt and repainted white. Stock #7244

Price: $ 9,500.00


LBB-1810 Power Stroked Hone

Rebuilt and repainted white. Includes CRF-500 ring set. Priced as an individual unit, but we can assemble a complete rod shop if you need it! Stock #6590

Price: $ 7,250.00


LBB-1810 Power Stroke Rod Hone

Nice condition. Includes CRF-500 ring set. Stock #6722

Price: $ 6,750.00


LBB-1699 Rod Hone

 Machine only. Rebuilt and repainted white. Stock #6820

Price: $ 4,750.00


LBB-1699 Rod Hone

Recently rebuilt and repainted Sunnen white. Includes reconditioned AG-300 gauge. Stock #Con

Price: $ 4,750.00


LBB-1499 Rod Hone W/AG-300 gauge

Red rod hone in good condition and includes a good condition AG-300 gauge. Stock #6180

Price: $ 3,250.00


LBB-1499 Rod Hone

Good condition. Machine only. Stock #6536

Price: $ 2,500.00


MBB-1650 Rod Hone

Gray machine with seperate outside filtration cabinet. Good condition. Stock #6033

Price: $ 3,450.00


LBA Rod Hone & Bench

Good condition rod hone with bench. Stock #5478

Price: $ 1,350.00


AG-300 Precision Gauge

Reconditioned, with short fingers. Stock #6088

Price: 1,350.00

K.I. CG-87

K.I. CG-87 Cap/Rod Grinder

Good condition. Has the capacity for your larger diesel caps, but works well for automotive sizes as well. Stock #6676

Price: $ 2,150.00

CG-8400 Cap/Rod Grinder

This unit will handle the big ones! Good condition. Stock #6737

Price: $ 2,250.00


CRG-750 Cap/Rod Grinder

Rebuilt, includes rod vice. Repainted Sunnen white. Sold with hone only. Stock #6981

Price: $ 1,850.00


CRG-750 Cap/Rod Grinder

Rebuilt and repainted red. Will sell by itself! Stock #6090

Price: $ 1,850.00


CRG-500 Cap/Rod Grinder

Rebuilt and repainted Sunnen red. Stock #5752

Price: $ 850.00


CRG-500 Cap/Rod Grinder

Good condition. Stock #6711

Price: $ 650.00


TN-111 Rod Aligner

Reconditioned and repainted red. Stock #6009

Price: $ 575.00


#15RY-4500 Line Hone Unit

4.5' to 5.0" capacity. Good condition. Stock #3926

Price: $ 2,100.00


#10RY-4500 Line Hone Unit

4.5 to 5.0" capacity. Good condition 10 stone mandrel. Stock #4408

Price: $ 1,250.00


#10RY-3000 Line Hone Unit

Good condition and includes new stones and shoes. Stock #7232

Price: $ 1,900.00


CH-36 Mandrel Rack

Repainted black. Stock #4303

Price: $ 650.00

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